Personnel Issues

Gary Brose, owner of over a dozen small businesses during the last 30 years, shares his insights on how to create a motivated, inspired and engaged workforce. Each video is a brief 2-3 minutes of practical hands-on advice on dealing with general business issues as well as micro business topics. Subscribe today and receive a new video or two every week.

 Excelling At Greeting:  Published on Sep 16, 2013

How do you greet your company’s potential new hires? Does your company make a good first impression? Gary Brose talks about excelling in this area and drawing more good talent to your business. The “sales” process starts on the very first day that a potential employee walks into your office. Make the most of it. Make them want to work for you!

The Art of Delegation: Published on Sep 23, 2013

Are you challenged when it comes to delegation?  Delegating work to subordinates is often a painful and difficult task.  it is actually easier to do when you have a bit of a blueprint to follow.  This video explains the Six Sequential steps to successful delegation.  Once you understand them, it is far less of a struggle.